Sunday, February 28, 2021

The Cary Grant Gallery by Rebekah Hawley (February 2021)

As another month comes to a close, it's actually the first month that my posts have featured bespoke artwork by Rebekah Hawley. They were commissioned for my film release posts, as a refresh, for 2021.

Here is a round up.

Wings in the Dark:

Released on the 1st February, 1935.

The Woman Accused:

Released on the 17th February, 1933.

Gunga Din:

Released on the 17th February, 1939.

When You're in Love:

Released on the 27th February, 1937.

Look out for more artwork by Rebekah Hawley over the coming months. All 72 Cary Grant films will be featured in this way!

Cary Grant on the Bookshelf. Part 2 - 1999 to 1963.

Continuing on with all books from 1999 to 1963:

Hollywood Cocktails by Tobias Steed and Ben Reed (1999)

Legends: Cary Grant A Celebration by Richard Schnickel (1998, Small Format)

Cary Grant: A Class Apart by Graham McCann (1997 in both Hardback and Paperback)

The Genius of the System: Hollywood Film-making in the Studio Era by Thomas Schatz (1996)

Cary Grant: Dark Angel by Geoffrey Wansell (1996 and 2011 editions)

In The Arena by Charlton Heston (1996)

Cary Grant: A Portrait in His Own Words and by Those Who Knew Him Best by Nancy Nelson (1991)

Me: Stories of My Life by Katharine Hepburn (1991)

Cary Grant: The Lonely Heart by Charles Higham and Roy Moseley (1989)

An Affair to Remember: My Life with Cary Grant by Maureen Donaldson and William Royce (1989)

Cary Grant by Pamela Trescott (1987)

Cary Grant: A Touch of Elegance by Warren G. Harris (1987)

Cary Grant by Chuck Ashman and Pamela Trescott (1986)

Cary Grant by Jean-Jacques Dupuis (1984, French Edition)

The Private Cary Grant by William Currie McIntosh and William Weaver (1983)

Cary Grant: Haunted Idol by Geoffrey Wansell (1983)

Cary Grant: A Celebration by Richard Schnickel (1983)

The Movie Quote Book by Harry Haun (1981)

Cary Grant: The Light Touch by Lionel Godfrey (1981)

Cary Grant: In the Spotlight by Gallery Press (1980)

The Life and Loves of Cary Grant by Lee Guthrie (1977)

Life with William Randolf Hearst: The Times We Had by Marion Davies (1975)

The Films of Cary Grant by Donald Deschner (1973)

The Pictorial Treasury of Film Stars: Cary Grant by Jerry Vermilye (1973)

Cary Grant: An Unauthorized Biography by Albert Govoni (1971)

Barbara Hutton: A Candid Biography of the Richest Woman in the World by Dean Jennings (1968)

Archie Leach by Cary Grant in Ladies Home Journal (Jan to June Vol.80 Part 1, 1963)

Over the coming months I will be cataloging all of my Cary Grant collection including pictures, items of interest and memorabilia. 

Home of my Cary Grant Book Collection

Cary Grant on the Bookshelf! Part 1- 2020 to 2000.

My Cary Grant book collection, dare I say, is pretty much completed. I have posted various archive or Archi(v)e updates but this blog brings all the books together in one place.

So here goes! In release date order from newest to oldest - Part 1: 2020 to 2000.

(Picture size gives a rough idea of book format; small, medium or large)

Cary Grant: The Making of a Hollywood Legend  by Mark Glancy (2020)

Cary Grant: A Brilliant Disguise by Scott Eyman (2020)

Alfred Hitchcock: The Complete Films by Taschen (2019)

Cary Grant: Movie Poster Book (Special Edition) by Greg Lenburg (2016)

American Legends: The Life of Cary Grant by Charles River Editors (?)

Women I've Undressed: The Fabulous Life and Times of Legendary Hollywood Designer by Orry-Kelly (2016)

Is That All There Is?: The Strange Life of Peggy Lee by James Gavin (2014)

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow by Sophia Loren (2014)

Last man Standing: Tales From Tinseltown by Roger Moore (2014)

Hollywood Cats, introduction by Gareth Abbot (2014)

All The Best Lines: An Informal History of the Movies in Quotes, Notes and Anecdotes by George Tiffin (2013)

How to Become Cary Grant: A Remarkable Life in Quotes and Remembrances by Horace Martin Woodhouse (2013)

The Killer Detail: Defining Moments in Fashion by Francois Armanet and Elisabeth Quin (2013)

The Film Book by Ronald Bergan (2011)

Cary Grant: A Life in Pictutres by Pavillion (2011)

Good Stuff: A Reminiscence of My Father, Cary Grant by Jennifer Grant (2011)

Dear Cary: My Life with Cary Grant by Dyan Cannon (2011)

Chaplin's Girl: The Life and Loves of Virginia Cherrill by Miranda Seymour (2010)

High Society: Grace Kelly and Hollywood by Donald Spoto (2009)

Harold Lloyd: Magic in a Pair of Horn-Rimmed Glasses and Other Turning Points in the Life and Career of a Comedy Legend by Anette D'Agostino Lloyd (2009)

The Alfred Hitchcock Story by Ken Mogg (2008)

My Word Is My Bond by Roger Moore (2008)

Enchantment: The Life of Audrey Hepburn by Donald Spoto (2007)

Movie Icans: Cary Grant by Taschen (2007)

The Audrey Hepburn Treasures: Pictures and Mementos from a Life of Style and Purpose by Ellen Erwin and Jessica Z. Diamond (2006)

Cary Grant: A Celebration of Style by Richard Torregrossa (2006)

Cary Grant: The Wizard of Beverly Grove by Bill Royce (2006)

Cary Grant: A Biography bu Marc Eliot (2004) 

Evenings With Cary Grant: Recollections in His Own Words and by Those Who Knew Him Best by Nancy Nelson (2003)

Cary Grant: In Name Only by Gary Morecambe and Martin Sterling (2003)

North By Northwest (York Press) by Dan Williams (2001)

Hollywood Wit by Rosemarie Jarski (2000)

Part 2 continues with Books from 1999 to 1963.