Tuesday, January 4, 2022

On This Day...Enter Madame (1935)

 Cary Grant's 18th full length film, Enter Madame, was released on this day in 1935.


Gerald Fitzgerald (Cary Grant) is an avid fan of opera.  He loves watching talented and beautiful Lisa Della Robbia (Elissa Landi). When they accidentally meet, the two end up falling in love. Having married quickly, Gerald soon starts to realize he is second place to his wife's career and it isn't much fun.


Elissa Landi...Lisa Della Robbia
Cary Grant...Gerald Fitzgerald
Lynne Overman...Mr. Farnum
Sharon Lynn...Flora Preston (as Sharon Lynne)
Michelette Burani...Bice
Paul Porcasi...Archimede
Adrian Rosley ...Doctor
Cecilia Parker...Aline Chalmers
Frank Albertson...John Fitzgerald
Wilfred Hari...Tamamoto
Torben Meyer...Carlson
Harold Berquist...Bjorgenson
Diana Lewis...Operator
Richard Bonelli...Scorpia in 'La Tosca'
Ann Sheridan...Flora's Shipboard Friend (as Clara Lou Sheridan)

Did You Know?

Enter Madame was based on a play written by Gilda Varesi Archibald, Charles Brackett and Dorothea Donn-Byrne.  Charles Brackett also contributed to the writing of such films as Sunset Boulevard (1950) and Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959).

Featured Clara Lou Sheridan in an early role.  Clara Lou Sheridan would later change her name to Ann Sheridan, eventually starring along side Cary Grant in 'I Was a Male War Bride'.


Mr. Farnum: Think you can take it?
Gerald Fitzgerald: What do you mean?
Mr. Farnum: I mean, have you any idea what it's like being married to an opera singer?
Gerald Fitzgerald: Sure. I think I'm the luckiest man in the world.
Mr. Farnum: You'll have to be.
Lisa Della Robbia: Farnum, what a horrible thing to say.
Mr. Farnum: I'm not talking against you, madame. It's your job.

Archimede: Those truffles have come from my farm in Tuscany. Rigoletto and I hunted for them last June. He with his nose and I with my stick - to hit him on the nose when he find the truffle. He loves truffles, Rigoletto
Flora Preston: Mercy! Who is Rigoletto? Your son?
Archimede: No. My pig, Madame
Archimede: A great hunter of truffles, my Rigoletto
Flora Preston: What a strange name for a pig
Archimede: Why not, Madame? He enjoys it, poor fellow. It gives him some style before the other pigs. My cow, I name her Aida; my ox: Don Giovanni. Oh, they're all very pleased.

Posters and Lobby Card:

Directed by Elliot Nugent.
Produced by Paramount Publix.
Running time: 83 minutes.

Artwork by Rebekah Hawley of Studio 36.

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