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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

On This Day...None But The Lonely Heart (1944)

 Cary Grant's 46th full length feature film was None But The Lonely Heart, released today in 1944.

Cary Grant plays Ernie Mott, an embittered man who turns to a band of thieves in an attempt at getting a better life for himself and his mother, Ma Mott (Ethel Barrymore).

Grant asked that the film, based on Richard Llewellyn's novel, be made. Clifford Odets who directed the film also wrote the screenplay.

Cary Grant was nominated for the Academy Award's category for Best Actor. Ethel Barrymore won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

With Jane Wyatt.

"Cary Grant, as the good-for-nothing Ernie Mott, has a rare chance to burrow inside of a character and come out with something more than his usual charm and skillfully tuned comic touches." 
- Hermine Rich Isaacs, Theatre Arts Magazine.

"Cary Grant...plays its far from Cary Grantish hero so attentively and sympathetically that I all but overlooked the fact that he is not well constituted for the role." - James Agee, The Nation.

With Ethel Barrymore and Barry Fitzgerald.


Ernie Mott                  Cary Grant
Ma Mott                     Ethel Barrymore
Aggie Hunter             Jane Wyatt 
Ada                            June Duprez
Twite                          Barry Fitzgerald
Jim Mordinoy             George Coulouris
Did Pettyjohn              Roman Bohnen
Ile Weber                    Konstantin Shayne
Lew Tate                    Dan Duryea
Mrs. Tate                    Rosalind Ivan
Miss Tate                    Dierdre Vale
Ma Chalmers              Eva Leonard Boyne
Ma Snowden              Queenie Vassar
Millie Wilson              Katherine Allen               
Cash                           Joseph Vitale
Taz                             Morton Lowry
Knocker                     William Challee
Slush                          Skelton Knagg
Ma Saegiviss             Virginia Farmer
Marjoriebanks            Art Smith
Ike Lesser                   Milton Wallace
Sister Nurse                Helen Thimig
Flo                              Renie Riano
Percy                          Marcel Dill

With June Duprez.

Lobby Cards:

"A Desolate Heart" in Spanish.

Directed by Clifford Odets.
Produced and distributed by RKO Radio.
Running time: 113 minutes.

With Barry Fitzgerald.