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Sunday, November 29, 2020

On This Day...Cary Grant's Last Rehearsal (1986)

On the 29th November 1986, Cary Grant passed away at St. Luke's Hospital, Davenport, Iowa. He was 82 years old.

With his wife Barbara.

After feeling unwell in the afternoon whilst finalising the set up for his "A Conversation With Cary Grant" show, at the Adler Theatre, his health deteriorated and at 11.22pm he succumbed to what was noted on his death certificate as a "massive intracerebral hemorrhage".

Certificate of Death.

With Davenport's Adler Theatre Chief Stagehand, Jack Dexter.

How the news reported it:

"Cary Grant looks weary and pensive as wife Barbara whispers in his ear, in this tragic last picture taken on stage only moments before his fatal collapse on Saturday night. "I'm sorry I can't go on" Grant told her. Six hours later the beloved 82 year old actor, who had been rehearsing for a charity performance in the Mississippi River town of Davenport, Iowa was dead - a trouper to the very last" - New York Post

Many articles and books have been written that cover the final hours of Cary Grant's life. Today this post simply marks the occasion and puts some interesting and common articles together in one place.

My only comment is that is influence, style, charm and humour are still here today in the huge body of work that he left behind as his legacy.

Archie did good!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

"A Rose by Any Other Name...."

This rose is called the 'Cary Grant'.

It was commissioned as a Valentine's gift in February 1986, for Cary Grant's 5th wife, Barbara Harris. 
They were planted along the driveway of their home.

The rose is categorized as a Hybrid Tea.

It has large blooms, size of a fist, that are bright orange, with a long stem and glossy green foliage.
Easy to care for, blooming from late February to November.

The rose is believed to only exist in one country outside the USA; Monaco, in Princess Grace's garden in her memory.