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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

On This Day...I'm No Angel (1933)

 Today, back in 1933, saw the release of Cary Grant's 12th full length feature film and his 2nd with Mae West, I'm No Angel.

Cary Grant plays Jack Clayton, a man of some social standing, who falls in love with Tira (Mae West).

"The casting of Cary Grant in the role of the man who finally wins Tira's love was again another brilliant piece of dramatic awareness. " - Jon Tuska, Views and Reeviews.

"Cary Grant does nice work as the sweetheart but at all times is overshadowed by Miss West." - Variety


Tira                             Mae West
Jack Clayton               Cary Grant
Bill Barton                  Edward Arnold
Slick                           Rolf Harolds
Barker                        Russell Hopton
Alicia Hatton              Gertrude Michael
Kirk Lawrence           Kent Taylor
Thelma                       Dorothy Peterson
Benny Pinkowitz        Gregory Ratoff
Beulah                        Gertrude Howard
The Chump                William Davidson
Rajah                          Nigel deBrulier
Bob, the Attorney       Irving Pichel
Omnes                        George Bruggeman
Harry                          Nat Pendleton
Chauffeur                   Morrie Cohen
Judge                          Walter Walker

Lobby Cards:

Directed by Wesley Ruggles.
Distributed by Paramount Publix.
Running time: 87 minutes