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Saturday, January 2, 2021

On This Day (Yesterday!!)...Destination Tokyo(1944)

 Always a challenge to blog a film release on the first day of a new year...But yesterday saw the release of Cary Grant's 44th full length film...Destination Tokyo.


During World War II, Captain Cassidy (Cary Grant) and his crew of submariners are ordered into Tokyo Bay on a secret mission. They are to gather information in advance of the planned bombing of Tokyo. Along the way, the crew learn about each other as they face the enemy and some of them lose their lives. After getting the information they need,they face the harrowing task of getting free once their presence is discovered.

"As the Copperfin's captain, Cary Grant gives one of the soundest performances of his career."
- Newsweek

"Certainly, in technical exposition and sheer, harrowing melodrama, the Warner Brother's newest tribute to the armed forces rates very near the top of the list" 
- Newsweek


 Cary Grant ... Capt. Cassidy
 John Garfield ... Wolf
 Alan Hale ... 'Cookie' Wainwright
 John Ridgely ... Reserve Officer Raymond
 Dane Clark ... Tin Can
 Warner Anderson ... Andy
 William Prince ... Pills
 Robert Hutton ... Tommy Adams
 Tom Tully ... Mike Conners
 Faye Emerson ... Mrs. Cassidy
 Peter Whitney ... Dakota
 Warren Douglas ... Larry
 John Forsythe ... Sparks
 John Alvin ... Sound Man
 Bill Kennedy ... Torpedo Gunnery Officer

On the set.

Did You Know?

The operation of the submarine as shown in this movie was so accurate that the Navy used it as a training film during World War II.

The appendectomy done in this film actually happened. It was performed on the USS Silversides SS236. Pharmacist's mate Thomas Mooere removed George Platter's appendix 150 feet below the ocean's surface. Photographs of the surgery are on display where this submarine is docked, in Muskegon, Michigan, at the Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum.

Posters incorrectly advertised the film as "Destination Tokio", despite "Tokyo" being used in the film's on-screen title. Upon the film's release on DVD, a variation of the poster using the latter spelling was used for the cover. ("Tokio" is not a misspelling, it is an older, less common form.)

Included among the American Film Institute's 2001 list of 400 movies nominated for the top 100 Most Heart-Pounding American Movies.


Reserve Officer Raymond: [Just having come aboard the 'Copperfin'] Uh... How do I get below, sir? I... I've never been aboard a submarine before.
Capt. Cassidy: [Slightly bemused, as he points to the only obvious entry into the submarine] There's the hatch. It goes 'down.'

Reserve Officer Raymond: [during a depth charge attack] Captain, I'm no good.
Capt. Cassidy: Why's that?
Reserve Officer Raymond: I'm scared stiff.
Capt. Cassidy: How do you think the rest of us feel?
Reserve Officer Raymond: You're not scared. I've looked at your faces.
Capt. Cassidy: I've looked at yours, too. It's the same as the others.
Reserve Officer Raymond: You're scared?
Capt. Cassidy: I'll say I am. And so is everybody else.

On the set with Delmer Daves and John Garfield.

Lobby Cards:



Directed by Delmer Daves.
Produced and Distributed by Warner Brothers.
Running time: 135 minutes.