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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Archie's Cocktail Bar.

 Well, after such a challenging year, you may want to relax with a nice Cary Grant inspired cocktail from Archie's Cocktail Bar created by MyLifeInAYearWithArchie.

The Cary Grant:

Stirred: 1 x Kahlua / 1 x Vodka / 1 x Lime Juice.

"Apparently a favorite of Cary Grant, hence the name."

The Archie Leach:

Stirred: 1 x Kahlua / 1 x Vodka / 1 x Orange Juice.

"A take on the Cary Grant but with a more modest juice."

The Roger Thornhill (North By Northwest) :

Stirred: 1 x Vermouth / 6 x Gin / Pickled Onion.

"The 'Gibson' from North By Northwest...but if you add an olive you change its identity to a ..." 

The George Kaplan :
Shaken: 1 x Vermouth / 6 x Gin / Olive.

The Walter Eckland (Father Goose):

Shaken: 1 x Jack Daniels / 8 x Orange Juice / Salt to taste.

"This drink represents the main ingredients of the film...Walter(JD), each schoolgirl including the imaginary one and Miss Catherine Louise Marie Ernestine Freneau...but not too salty!!"

The Ernie Mott (None But The Lonely Heart):

Guinness or Stout / Port.

"A simple down to earth mix. The port is for me Ma!"

The Jerry Warriner (The Awful Truth):

1 x Advocaat / 1 x Brandy / 3 x sweetened whipped cream / a shot of Coffee.
Stir advocaat and brandy well with coffee, top with cream, dust with sugar (or cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger. 

"Its neither continental or cock-eyed but its a warmer!"

The CK Dexter Haven (The Philadelphia Story):

2 splashes Chambord / 1.5oz x Bacardi / 0.5 x Soda / 5 mint leaves / Ice Cubes /2tbsp x sugar/ Lime quarter, cut into wedges.

Crush mint and lime wedges. Add sugar and continue to crush, releasing mint oils. Remove lime rind and pour into glass with club soda, ice and rum; top with Chambord. Stir to taste. Garnish with additional mint leaves and fresh raspberries, if desired.

"Very classy!!"

The Mortimer Brewster (Arsenic and Old Lace):

5 x Red wine / 1 x Cointreau / 3 x Soda water / Pinch of Cinnamon / Slice of Orange.

"This is drink is safe in spite of the addition of arsenic(Cinnamon)!!"

The William Rutland (Walk, Don't Run!):

1x Vodka / 2x Pimms / Splash of Grenadine.

"Depending on the quantity consumed, it might be advisable to Walk, don't run!"

The Dr D Huxley (Bringing Up Baby) :

Shake: 1 x Amaretto / 1 x Kahlua / Orange Juice / Ice
(Serve over ice.)

"For those who like a drink a little straight-laced! "

The Richard 'Dickie' Nugent (The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer) :

0.5 x Amaretto / 0.5 x Peach Schnapps / 0.5 x gin / splash of orange juice (& angostura bitters) 
Shake all ingredients together with ice until chilled. Strain into a rocks glass half filled with ice.

"A grown ups drink with a spring in its step."

The Nickie Ferrante (An Affair to Remember):

1 x De Kuyper Blue Curacao/ 0.5 x Vodka/ 0.5 x Lime Juice/ Lemonade /Ice.

"A lot can happen on all that Blue Ocean!"

The Mock Turtle (Alice in Wonderland):

Tonic Water/Cranberry Juice/Lime/Cucumber/Mint.

"Drink Me!" - A Mock-tail for all.

Have fun experimenting with various ingredients and find that flavour that suits you...

...and don't forget...

...Drink Sensibly.

Happy Thoughts!!!