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Monday, August 10, 2020

On This Day...Ladies Should Listen (1934)

 Ladies Should Listen was Cary Grant's 17th full length feature film.

He plays, Julian de Lussac, a South American nitrates concession option peddler!!
Who through no fault of his own is caught between three women.

With Frances Drake.

"I purred with delight. The a melange of bedroom-blunder stuff and smart lines.
I was particularly pleased with Cary Grant...he surprises everyone with his delightful flair for light comedy" - Rob Wagner, Script

With Edward Everett Horton

"Cary Grant is brutally miscast as a philandering young Parisian. He plays the part for comedy, miscuing several times." - Wolfe Kaufman, Variety

With Nydia Westman.

With Rosita Moreno and Frances Drake.

Press Pack Stills:


Julian de Lussac         Cary Grant
Anna Mirelle              Frances Drake
Paul Vernet                 Edward Everett Horton
Marguerite Cintos       Rosita Moreno
Joseph Flamberg         George Barlier
Susie Flamberg           Nydia Westman 
Henri (Porter)             Charles Ray
Albert (Manservant)   Charles Arnt
Ramon Cintos            Rafael Corio
Blanche (Operator)    Clara Lou Sheridan
Operator                     Henrietta Burnside
Butler                         Joe North

With Edward Everett Horton

Lobby Cards:

Directed by Frank Tuttle
Distributed by Paramount Publix
Running time: 62 minutes