Friday, March 25, 2022

Quote From Today... Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948)

It sounded less expensive to say, No!"

With Myrna Loy and Melvyn Douglas.

Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House was Cary Grant's 52nd full length feature film.

Carpenter Foreman: On them second floor lintels between the lally columns, do you want we should rabbet them or not?

[Long pause as Jim and Muriel look at him with puzzled frowns on their faces]

Jim Blandings: The, uh, second floor lallies?

Carpenter Foreman: Second floor lintels between the lallies.

Jim Blandings: Oh, the lintels between the lallies?

Carpenter Foreman: Yeah, from the blueprints you can't tell. You want they should be rabbeted?

Jim Blandings: No, no. I guess not.

Carpenter Foreman: Okay. You're the doctor.

[He calls out to his workers]

Carpenter Foreman: Hey fellas. If you got any of them rabbeted lintels set, rip 'em out.

[Sound of nails being pried out, and scene of pieces of wood dropping onto the floor around Jim and Muriel]

Jim Blandings: It sounded less expensive to say, No!

Friday, March 18, 2022

Quote From Today... Bringing Up Baby (1938)


"When they find out who you are they'll pad the cell."

With  Katharine Hepburn.

Bringing Up Baby was Cary Grant's 30th full length feature film.

Susan: Anyway, David, when they find out who we are they'll let us out.
David: When they find out who you are they'll pad the cell.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Quote From Today... The Amazing Adventure of Ernest Bliss (1937)

 "Here's to us!" 

The Amazing Adventure of Ernest Bliss was Cary Grant's 26th full length feature film.

Ernest Bliss: Here's to us!

[They drink the wine as she laughs softly]

Ernest Bliss: Ah, but it's good!

Frances Clayton: It's lovely!

Ernest Bliss: So cheap, my goodness, I thought it would taste like red ink. Fancy, it's magic. Yes, it's your magic too! It's you who turned this cheap wine, this cheap food into a feast for the gods.