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Monday, July 13, 2020

On This Day...Kiss and Make Up (1934)

Today was the release date in 1934, of Cary Grant's 16th full length feature film, Kiss and Make Up.

Grant plays Dr. Maurice Lamar, who runs a modernistic beauty salon, which is a haven for ladies, old and young, who want to be beautiful.

Helen Mack plays his plain secretary Anne, who loves him, while Genevieve Tobin plays Eve Caron, who becomes the a beautiful Frankenstein in the story.

With Helen Mack

With Genevieve Tobin and Edward Everett Horton

The film still has a relevant commentary to make about beauty, etc, even today! And don't forget, this was a Pre-Code film!

"There is a theme in the new film which, in more skillful hands, might form the basis of a good comedy. Carrying the principles of the beauty culture to their logical conclusion, Dr. Lamar finally produces a masterpiece of liveliness, who is, unfortunately, so bound to the harrowing ritual of lotion, massage,diet and rest that she becomes entirely useless." - The New York Times

With Genevieve Tobin.

"Either a gag comedy with a romantic thread or a light romance with gag comedy, but more gags than romance. 
Cary Grant does well as the doctor but both he and E.E. Horton play too strongly for laughs. Genevieve Tobin fills the specifications as the beauty, but acting honors go to Helen Mack as the secretary. A delightful sincere performance. Plenty of sight stuff and plenty of laughs in spots." - Variety 

With Helen Mack, E.E. Horton and Genevieve Tobin


Dr. Maurice Lamar                    Cary Grant
Anne                                         Helen Mack
Eve Caron                                 Genevieve Tobin
Marcel Caron                            Edward Everett Horton
Max Pascal                                Lucien Littlefield
Countess Rita                            Mona Maris
Vilma                                         Katherine Williams
Magda                                        Lucille Lund
Rolando                                     Rafael Storm
Mme. Severac                            Mme. Bonita
Mme. Durand                             Doris Lloyd
Maharajah of Baroona                Milton Wallace
Plumber                                     Sam Ashe
Landlady                                    Helena Phillips
Consuelo of Claghorne               Toby Wing
Chairman of banquet                  Henry Armetta
Jean (Valet)                                George Andre Beranger
Beauty clinic nurses                   Judith Arlen, Jean Gale, Hazel Hayes, Lee Ann
Radio announcer                        Helene Cohan
Maharajah's wife                        Jean Carmen
Radio listener                             GiGi Parrish
Lady Rummond-Dray                  Ann Hovey
Beauty clinic patients                 Betty Bryson and Jacqueline Wells 
                                                  and the Wampas Baby Stars of 1934

Lobby Cards:

Directed by Harlan Thompson
Distributed by Paramount Publix.
Running time: 80 minutes.