Monday, August 31, 2020

My Life In A Month with Archie...August 2020.

 So what happened in August? Another month that seemed to go by so quickly!

August 1st:

August came around far too quickly and I wasn't fully prepared. I'd been in lock-down and seen four other months come and go.

August 2nd:
Finally accepting that August had well and truly arrived it made me think about how little of the year was left? ...152 shaves!!

August 3rd:
One of my favorite CG films ...Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House...and a comment on the Selfie!

August 4th:
CG had a marvelous way of saying it with the slightest of expressions on his face. I love captioning picture like this and saying what we all think..."Dear God...Please send more money! If that's not likely, then please take away my expensive taste!"

August 5th:
Just one of those "I need caffeine now"mornings!

August 6th:
In life we have to take on various roles or heads, at work, with family, in society. Sometimes it's  hard to decide which one you actually want to wear!

August 7th:
It was going to be a hot day and any chance I get to share a picture of my favorite CG film is a bonus. Interestingly, some people didn't see CG in the picture. But he is always present! 

August 8th:
So it is good to be able to dress up smart...even when you can't go anywhere! But watching a convention online provided a good excuse to do so.

August 9th:
Just a great picture of CG and Sqeezit. Which prompted a blog about working with animals on screen.
(See "Never  Work With Animals and Children...Part 1")

August 10th:
The first "On This Date" post of the month...Ladies Should Listen(1934).

August 11th:
Most times I use the release dates of CG films from my two main resource books, but I made a mistake in thinking that To Catch A Thief was released wasn't.
So I decided to fall back on its release date at the Venice Film Festival later in the month.

August 12th:
Second release of the month, Devil and the Deep(1932)...don't think I have seen it!!

August 13th:
Well, going back to work was looming and although I'm not a sun worshipper, I did enjoy the good weather while I was off from work.

August 14th:
After 146 days on furlough, part of me wasn't ready to go back to work!

August 15th:
Being back at work was exhausting!!!

August 16th:
Day 2, back at work...its all coming back to me riding a bike!!

August 17th:
Three months have flown since my last blood pressure test...still not low enough. Having to fast for 12 hours didn't help. Well that's my excuse!

August 18th:
Third film release of the month...In Name Only(1939).

August 19th:
I think this is a favorite picture of mine so far. It captures a lot...and like the French Riviera provided a great backdrop for my caption of not using public transport..I'll walk!

August 20th:
The fourth film release for August...The Talk of the Town(1942)...I like this film.

August 21st:
Great picture! 3D glasses won't provide much protection as face covering. Work opens to the public...brace yourselves!!!

August 22nd:
Eager to see a film on the big screen...but plans changed!! Soon!

August 23rd:
Just another great picture to caption..."Rock, paper...scissors!"

August 24th:
The countdown begins to another year coming and going!

August 25th:
It came and went! Lol!!

August 26th:
I spent the previous day, 25th, with my youngest daughter playing crazy golf in Manchester. It reminded me of the craziest golf scene that CG and KH acted in...Bringing Up Baby.

August 27th:
Celebrating my brother and sister-in-law's wedding anniversary. So they get a post all to themselves...ahhhhh! Nothing says romance like a CG post.

August 28th:
The fifth release of August, technically it should have been the first, but I got my dates mixed up. The main thing is that it is here now...To Catch A Thief(1955) at the Venice Film Festival...And I keep spelling Theif...Thief wrong!!

August 29th:
Life is too short! And when you come to write about your life seems even shorter! Could I fill that piece of paper?

August 30th:
Just a really great picture. Reminds me to enjoy life and all starts with breathing. And it's the most liked post of mine since My Life In A Year With Archie started back on 1st January 2020.

August 31st:

The month started with a phone call, it seemed fitting to end with one..."Hello! I'd like to book September...Yes that's right from tomorrow...for about 30 days...Thank you...Oh and give my regards to August!"

Friday, August 28, 2020

On This Day...To Catch A Thief (1955)

 On this day in 1955, Cary Grant's 60th full length feature film was released at the Venice Film Festival.

Its official release was earlier in the month...its just that I missed it!!!!

Cary Grant plays John Robie, "The Cat", a reformed jewel thief who now lives on the French Rivera. Grace Kelly stars alongside as Frances Stevens.

It was Cary Grant's third film with director Alfred Hitchcock and his first film in colour!

With Grace Kelly, Jessie Royce Landis and John Williams.

Jessie Royce Landis would later play Cary Grant's mother in his last collaboration with Hitchcock, North by Northwest.

"Grant gives his role his assured style of acting, meaning the dialogue and the situations benefit."
- Weekly Variety

"Grant once again demonstrates he is the master of timing, getting laughs where a lesser talent would draw a blank." - Daily Variety

"...Cary Grant and Grace Kelly ideal in the romantic leads." - Los Angeles Times


John Robie                       Cary Grant
Frances Stevens                 Grace Kelly
Mrs. Stevens                      Jessie Royce Landis
H.H. Hughson                   John Williams
Bertani                               Charles Vanel
Danielle                             Brigitte Auber
Foussard                            Jean Martinelli
Germaine                           Georgette Anys

Publicity shot.

"The names Grant...Cary Grant!" This scene wouldn't look out of place in a Bond film!

Lobby Cards:

Directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock.
Distributed by Paramount Pictures.
Running time: 103 minutes.