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Thursday, May 28, 2020

On this Day...Mr. Lucky (1943)

Cary Grant's 43rd full length feature film was released on this date...Mr Lucky.

The story of Joe Adams, the owner of a gambling ship and a draft dodger, who in order to raise funds for a South Atlantic enterprise, turns his con-man's gaze on the ladies of the War Relief Inc.

Laraine Day stars along side Cary Grant.

Although critics enjoyed some of the visual techniques of the film most were left unimpressed by the theme of film; gambling and draft dodging. Remember this was 1943!

Philip T. Hartung of The Commonweal reported: "...Mr Lucky depends on Grant's ability to hold you. Perhaps this is just wherein the picture is dangerous; the first thing you know, you like this loose-moraled chiseler because of the way he tilts his hat or kids you so delightfully before he cheats you".

Manny Fabber of The New Republic commented that it was a "...disgusting story.." but praised the supporting cast, and concluded by saying, "Admirers of Cary Grant will be shocked: but after they have hardened themselves against the indecent exploitation of him, they will at least find Mr. Lucky interesting, like a bad salad with an intelligent dressing."

One of the lighter, funnier moments (one of my favourites) is the knitting scene within the War Relief's HQ.

"Knit one...."

Lobby Card:

Directed by H.C. Potter
Produced and distributed by RKO Radio
Running time: 100 minutes
Original Story: Bundles for Freedom by Milton Holmes