Saturday, July 30, 2022

Quote From Today... The Toast of New York (1937)

   "Even the right horse can't win if he's carrying too heavy a load"

With Jack Oakie and Edward Arnold

The Toast of New York was Cary Grant's 28th full length feature film.

Nick Boyd: Even the right horse can't win if he's carrying too heavy a load.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Quote From Today... Suzy (1936)

"Did I remember"

With Jean Harlow.

Suzy was Cary Grant's 23rd full length feature film.

Andre Charville: Did I remember, to tell you, you're delightful, you're everything I want you to be


Andre Charville: You're eyes are lovely, And far beyond comparing, Especially when they're glaring, At me. I can't think up words to say, How swell you are, But I can tell you are, I know so well you are. I started falling, The moment that I saw you, Believe me I adore you, Cherie!

Friday, July 22, 2022

Quote From Today... Notorious! (1946)

"Daisies and buttercups, wasn't it?"

With Ingrid Bergman.

Notorious! was Cary Grant's 49th full length feature film.

Devlin: I can't help recalling some of your remarks about being a new woman. Daisies and buttercups, wasn't it?

Alicia: You idiot! What are you sore about, you knew very well what I was doing!

Devlin: Did I?

Alicia: You could have stopped me with one word, but no, you wouldn't. You threw me at him!

Devlin: I threw you at nobody.

Alicia: Didn't you tell me what I had?

Devlin: A man doesn't tell a woman what to do; she tells herself. You almost had me believing in that little hokey-pokey miracle of yours, that a woman like you could change her spots.

Alicia: Oh, you're rotten.

Devlin: That's why I didn't try to stop you. The answer had to come from you.

Alicia: I see. Some kind of love test.

Devlin: That's right.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Quote From Today... That Touch of Mink (1962)

   "Fancy that. And some people just go to sleep and never know what they're missing!"

With Doris Day.

That Touch of Mink was Cary Grant's 69th full length feature film.

Roger: Good morning, good morning. It's a great day out.

Philip Shayne: God, you're very happy, Roger. You'd better check that with Dr. Gruber, it might be something serious.

Roger: I had a wonderful night's rest. You know the trouble I have sleeping? Well, I've solved it. Just before you go to bed you put three tranquilizers in a jigger of brandy and you drink it. You still can't sleep but you're so relaxed that you don't worry about it. It was exhilarating.

Philip Shayne: Fancy that. And some people just go to sleep and never know what they're missing.

Philip Shayne: That's what I like about you, Roger. No matter what calamity befalls your fellow man you're still able to laugh about it.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Quote From Today... North By Northwest (1959)

  "My name is Thornhill - Roger Thornhill"

North By Northwest was Cary Grant's 66th full length feature film.

[Thornhill and Vandamm meeting each other for the first time in Townsend's office, where Vandamm has stolen his identity; they both size each other up silently]

Phillip Vandamm: Good evening.


Phillip Vandamm: Not what I expected. A little taller, a little more polished than the others...

Roger Thornhill: Well, I'm so glad you're pleased, Mr. Townsend!

Phillip Vandamm: But I'm afraid just as obvious.

Leonard: What the devil is all this about? Why was I brought here?

Phillip Vandamm: Games? Must we?

Roger Thornhill: Not that I mind a slight case of abduction now and then, but I do have tickets to the theatre tonight, and a show I was looking forward to and I get, well, *unreasonable* about things like that.

Phillip Vandamm: With such play-acting, you make this very room a theatre.

[Leonard, Vandamm's co-conspirator, enters]

Phillip Vandamm: Ah, Leonard. Have you met our distinguished guest?

Leonard: He's a well-tailored one, isn't he?

Phillip Vandamm: My secretary is a great admirer of your methods, Mr. Kaplan. Elusive, however misguided...

Roger Thornhill: Wait a minute. Did you call me "Kaplan"?

Phillip Vandamm: Oh, I know you're a man of many names, but I'm perfectly willing to accept your current choice.

Roger Thornhill: "Current choice"? My name is Thornhill - Roger Thornhill! It's never been anything else!

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Quote From Today... Topper (1937)

"Funny; I don't feel any different."

With Constance Bennett.

Topper was Cary Grant's 27th full length feature film.

Marion Kerby: Oh, George, I can see right through you.

George Kerby: Say, that's funny. I can see through you, too.

Marion Kerby: [seeing her body lying next to George's beside the car, which has just crashed] George, look. You know something George? I think we're dead.

George Kerby: I think you're right. Funny; I don't feel any different.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Quote From Today... Walk, Don't Run (1966)

"I wouldn't know what to do in the 
bathroom all day!"

With Jim Hutton.

Walk, Don't Run was Cary Grant's 72nd, and last, full length feature film. 

Christine Easton: After 7:45, you can have the bathroom all day if you'd like.

Sir William Rutland: I wouldn't know what to do in the bathroom all day!

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Quote From Today... Kiss and Make Up (1934)

   "Messing around?"

With Genevieve Tobin.

Kiss and Make Up was Cary Grant's 16th full length feature film.

Dr. Maurice Lamar: So, you're Madam Caron's husband, huh?

Marcel Caron: I am, yes. On those rare occasions when you're not messing around with her.

Dr. Maurice Lamar: Messing around? I'll have you understand...

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Quote From Today... The Pride and The Passion (1957)

  "That's the part of you that's cheap."

With Sophia Loren.

The Pride and the Passion was Cary Grant's 61st full length feature film.

Anthony: You're living with him. But you don't love him. That's the part of you that's cheap.

Monday, July 4, 2022

Quote From Today... Crisis (1950)

   "These are not the best conditions."

With Paula Raymond and José Ferrer.

Crisis was Cary Grant's 55th full length feature film.

[Farago is about to be operated by Eugene]

Raoul Farrago: Doctor, do many people die in an operation like this?

Dr. Eugene Norland Ferguson: Under the best conditions, about 12 percent. These are not the best conditions.

Raoul Farrago: You don't like me, do you?

Dr. Eugene Norland Ferguson: I try to regard my patients impersonally.

Raoul Farrago: Can you?

Dr. Eugene Norland Ferguson: No.

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Quote From Today... Night and Day (1946)

    "Thanks for all the flowers."

With Monty Woolley.

Night and Day was Cary Grant's 48th full length feature film.

Cole Porter: Thanks for all the flowers.

Monty Woolley: Yes, one can only send them to a man when he's flat on his back.

Friday, July 1, 2022

Quote From Today... An Affair to Remember (1957)

   "But you have such an honest face."

With Deborah Kerr.

An Affair to Remember was Cary Grant's 62nd full length feature film.

Nickie Ferrante: But you have such an honest face.

Terry McKay: I have?

Nickie Ferrante: I can trust you can't I?

Terry McKay:Yes, I suppose so .

Nickie Ferrante: Good, come with me.

Terry McKay: Yes, but the Captain has an honest face too! Why can't you tell him your troubles?

Quote From Today... Mr Lucky (1943)

  "Hey, you don't look too bad yourself!"

With Laraine Day.

Mr Lucky was Cary Grant's 43rd full length feature film.

Joe Adams aka Joe Bascopolous: Well, now this is quite a surprise!

Dorothy Bryant: Not particularly. It so happens I rather expected it. And if you think your persistence is going to have any effect on me, you're mistaken.

Joe Adams aka Joe Bascopolous: Well, I can't see how you people can pass up $80,000 for the cause.

Dorothy Bryant: For whose cause? If you're so interested in serving your cause, why don't you join the Army?

Blood Bank Nurse: Next, please!

Joe Adams aka Joe Bascopolous: Oh...

[produces draft card]

Joe Adams aka Joe Bascopolous: 4F.

Dorothy Bryant: You look 1A to me.

Joe Adams aka Joe Bascopolous: Hey, you don't look too bad yourself!

[He chuckle, she stares, he lets out awkward groan]

Joe Adams aka Joe Bascopolous: Well, it's my arteries.

Blood Bank Nurse: Right this way...

Dorothy Bryant: Well, should you be giving blood?

Joe Adams aka Joe Bascopolous: Oh, well... my blood's 1A, just my arteries are 4F.