Tuesday, February 9, 2021

On This Day...Virginia Cherrill - Cary Grant's First Wife.

Virginia Cherrill was Cary Grant's first wife and they married on 9th February 1934.

Born on a farm, Cherrill was discovered by Charles Chaplin while sitting beside him at a boxing match in Los Angeles; he introduced himself at intermission and hired her for her debut in City Lights (1931). 

She met Cary Grant at the premiere of Blonde Venus (1932) and stopped working after their marriage in 1933. 

They were divorced 26th March 1935. 

Cary's explanation was, "We were married February 9th, 1934 at Caxton Hall, a London registry office, amid a flurry of photographers, newsmen and serio-comic adventures.  We separated seven months later.  I doubt if either of us was capable of relaxing sufficiently to trust the happiness we might have had.  My possessiveness and fear of losing Virginia brought about the very condition I feared: the loss of her."

Did You Know?

Best remembered as the blind girl selling flowers in Charles Chaplin's City Lights (1931).

In her 1935 divorce from actor Cary Grant, she received $50,000, which was equivalent to 50% of his community property at the time.


[When asked why her film career ended] I was no great shakes as an actress.

[on rumors that Cary Grant and his roommate Randolph Scott were gay] Cary was crazy about women. Randolph Scott was no more gay than Cary was. And he was so handsome, he had women falling all over him. It's not like you read in the books. They lived in the same house and they got on well, but they didn't necessarily lead the same lives. They had different friends.

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