Sunday, January 28, 2024

On This Day - New Artwork and Review Quotes (2023/2024)

 From 1st February 2023 to the 31st January 2024, 'On This Day' Posts included a scene from the film, the new design 'Lobby Card' artwork commissioned from Studio36, and a Review from'The Films of Cary Grant' by Donald Deschner (1973), with a highlighted quote.

Here is the Artwork and quote for each month.


🠈"Cary Grant gives a splendid performance as the tragic young flyer..."
"Hollywood, however, even when it was not deliberately repeating itself, repeated itself unconsciously.  Gunga Din is an example of this unconscious repetition."🠊
🠈"For the finish, the hero, as done capably by Cary Grant, wields a blacksnake whip on the gangster..."
"...Director Capra established Clark Gable and Gary Cooper as comedians, Director Riskin herein does the same thing for Cary Grant."🠊


🠈"Cary Grant...secures laughs easily and apparently without effort."
 "Actor Grant...more interested in an intercostal clavicle for his nearly reconstructed Brontosaurus than he is in bony, scatterbrained Miss Hepburn."🠊
🠈" may agree with Grant that anyone who builds these days is crazy..."


 "But like a fine pair of binoculars in the hands of a child, the story moves constantly in and out of focus."🠊
🠈"...and I thought he made a splendid figure"
"...there is not only that easy swing and hint of the devil in him, but faith and passion expressed..."🠊


🠈"All this called, appropriately enough: Once Upon a Time."
"Colbert and Wayne are rather charming in change-of-pace roles and there are cameos from Jack Benny and Cary Grant..."🠊
🠈"How fortunate we are who, in this era of science, are enabled by the talkie invention to hear, as well as see, the smacks which maidenly indignation administers to the cheek of importunate millionaires!"
 "...a very pleasant style of male-animal humor, with charm and a distinct sense of where to poise or throw his weight"🠊
🠈"Well, there are a lot of complications and funny situations which add up to a pretty good time if you enjoy light comedy."
"...a hopelessly unintelligent hodgepodge, wherein Loretta Young and Cary Grant have the misfortune to be cast in the leading roles."🠊
🠈 "Here is a drama told with a praiseworthy sense of realism..."
" impeccably tailored and deft with a witty line as ever and looking very little older..."🠊
🠈"...this Columbia film easily outranks most of its plane-crashing, sky-spectacular predecessors."
"...a brief treat among the supporting players though, in the shape of Cary Grant..."🠊


🠈"It was probably on the basis of this film that Grant obtained his first five-year contract with Paramount..."
"...again turns in a smooth performance of the type that has made him one of Hollywood's most-sought-after leading men."🠊
🠈"...Cary Grant is on hand to get laughs where it isn't always possible to find them in the script."
"Grant proves his potentialities for femme box office for this inept assignment..."🠊


🠈"If it weren't for Cary Grant's persuasive personality the whole thing would melt away to nothing at all."
" early exponent of cinematic charm, still looks good and talks good..."🠊
🠈"...the score of Night and Day, a radiant web woven tight of Cole Porter's melodies..."
  "...brittle and diamond-brilliant... His sincerity in the story's guts is its premise for being believed..."🠊
🠈"...Kramer has used locale and crowds of people superbly, alternating the big panoramic canvas with telling close-ups that are right from Goya"
  "Plenty of sight stuff and plenty of laughs in spots."🠊
🠈"...a light, bright touch and a debonair smile..."
"The giddy rigmarole is for those who can take their death ribald and their fantasy straight."🠊
🠈"...two of the very slickest operators before and behind the Hollywood cameras."
"When it comes to playing Cary Grant, nobody can beat Cary Grant."🠊
🠈"...with Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant to bring glamour and sultry vitality to the leads..."
"...his talents for varied characterizations have been recognized, and in each new venture he makes good."🠊
🠈"The production is faultless..."


" ...a high-polish job, a kind of reversion to the urbanities of a gentleman Raffles..."🠊
🠈"A good deal of it is actually unfunny, and all of it is too synthetic."
"...the best dramatic talkie we have yet seen."🠊
🠈"No surprises are the easy ad-libbish styles of Stars Grant and Lombard..."
"George Stevens has adroitly directed the three principals and the fine supporting cast..."🠊


🠈"...poor Mr. Grant finds himself doing many things that hardly fit his age."
  "...turns in one of the most intelligent performances of his nineteen-year Hollywood career."🠊
🠈"...a past master at playing the handsome      he-man thrown for a loss by a difficult dame..."
"Grant has never been better..."🠊
 🠈"...Grant is worthy of a much better role..."
"...Grant meets the exigencies of a difficult role with more gusto than persuasion."🠊
🠈"...plays its ...hero so attentively and sympathetically..."
 "...a superb blend of horror and comedy..."🠊


🠈"The casting of Cary Grant... was again another brilliant piece of dramatic awareness."
"...a new high in factual distortion."🠊
🠈"...a curious mixture.  Half of it is remarkably good and half of it quite abysmally bad."
"A great many funny things happen... maneuvered, to some extent, by Mr. Smith."🠊
 🠈"...describes the evolution of an idle bit of gossip in an average American community with considerable freshness and candor..."


" is Cary Grant’s playing that rescues the role of the angel named Dudley from the ultimate peril..."🠊
🠈"...the film is the equivalent of the book you can't put down."
"Grant’s performance is just about flawless."🠊
🠈"...some of the elements of a fairy-tale.  But... ...terribly realistic. "


"... one of the trickiest acting jobs of [Cary Grant's] long and brilliant career."🠊
 🠈" absolute delight in which Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn schottische about with evident glee."
"...Cary Grant delivers some sardonic wisecracks very well..."🠊
🠈"...mild fun... trying to identify the Big Names hidden behind turtle shells and teddy-bear skins."
"...a handsome production in Technicolor with lovely shots of England... "🠊
🠈" extremely accomplished craftsman... "
"...a talent for quietly underplaying comedy."🠊
🠈"...the Japanese settings are almost always pretty..."


"...Cary Grant gives one of the soundest performances of his career..."🠊
🠈"...overstrained performances, with the exception of that of Cary Grant..."
"There's music, music everywhere..."🠊
🠈" of the few non-moronic pictures of the season."
" of those fast-moving and idyllic comedies in which the lovers behave like villains to each other..."🠊
🠈"...witty, debonair but always real."
" frank as an old Police Gazette, and much livelier and more picturesque."🠊