Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Quote From Today... Only Angels Have Wings (1939)

  "I don't want any butter on it."

With Jean Arthur.

Only Angels Have Wings was Cary Grant's 33rd full length feature film.

Geoff Carter: What's all this?

Bonnie Lee: What?

Geoff Carter: All this cooking!

Bonnie Lee: Oh, that's coffee.

Geoff Carter: Look at this mess...

Bonnie Lee: Don't touch it, it's hot! You'll burn yourself.

[he touches it]

Bonnie Lee: Oh, I told you!

Geoff Carter: Ah, ah. Go away, go away!

Bonnie Lee: Ooh, that is a burn. Here, I'll put some butter on it.

Geoff Carter: I don't want any butter on it.

Bonnie Lee: Oh, but it'll make you feel better!

Geoff Carter: I told you, I don't want any butter on it!

Bonnie Lee: My grandmother always used butter...

Geoff Carter: I don't care what your grandmother did!

[referring to the coffee]

Geoff Carter: It's still boiling! What's all this about?

Bonnie Lee: Oh, I just thought I'd like to have a nice cup of coffee. It's so cold and rainy outside and nice and cozy in here.

Geoff Carter: Oh...

Bonnie Lee: Wouldn't you like to have one, too?

Geoff Carter: No, I wouldn't, and get out of here and stop making a mess and stay out of my room, and take this with you...

[reaches for kettle]

Bonnie Lee: Oh, don't ...

Geoff Carter: [picks up kettle, whistles in surprise]

Bonnie Lee: [laughs] I thought you never did that.

Geoff Carter: Did what?

Bonnie Lee: Got burned twice in the same place.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Quote From Today... Indiscreet (1958)

  "Oh, you'd be surprised."

With Ingrid Bergman.

Indiscreet was Cary Grant's 64th full length feature film.

Anna Kalman : You're the most transparent man I ever saw. I hope NATO isn't trusting you with any secrets.

Philip Adams: Oh, you'd be surprised.

Anna Kalman: Let's hear one.

Philip Adams: Oh, you would be surprised, Mata Hari.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Quote From Today... The Eagle and the Hawk (1933)

  "Why don't you get wise? This is a war. I'm hired to kill the enemy, and there ain't no book of rules about that"

With Fredric March.

The Eagle and the Hawk was Cary Grant's 10th full length feature film.

Henry Crocker: Why don't you get wise? This is a war. I'm hired to kill the enemy, and there ain't no book of rules about that. Every one I put away means one less to kill me. That's my job, and I'm doing it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Quote From Today... Born to be Bad (1934)


With Loretta Young.

Born to be Bad was Cary Grant's 15th full length feature film.

Tag Lines:


Rules of the game meant nothing to her...she was "born to be bad" ..and she knew it!

YOUNG, HEALTHY- and FEMALE! ...Men fought for her charms, even though she cheated, lied, and double-crossed them! Then life got even with her, when she tried to be good!

Quote From Today... Thirty-Day Princess (1934)

  "After all, this is not a scandal sheet."

With Sylvia Sidney.

Thirty-Day Princess was Cary Grant's 14th full length feature film.

Porter Madison III: After all, this is not a scandal sheet.

Managing Editor: That's news.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Quote From Today.... My Favorite Wife (1940)

  "Why should I bore you with details?"

With Irene Dunne and Donald MacBride.

My Favorite Wife was Cary Grant's 36th full length feature film.

Nick Arden: I came here with my wife... hum... my bride really. Now my wife, not my bride... my wife... Why should I bore you with details?

Hotel clerk: I won't be bored.

Nick Arden: Listen, it's just simple as A B C.

Hotel clerk: Don't tell me you got someone in B?

Friday, May 13, 2022

Quote From Today... Sinners In The Sun (1932)

 "What do you mean by that?"

With Carole Lombard.

Sinners in the Sun was Cary Grant's 2nd full length feature film.

Ridgeway: Cold as your eyes, my dear.
Doris: Not as cold as a man's heart when he's tired.

Ridgeway: What do you mean by that?
Doris: You're tired of Lil and you've been showing it all evening.

Quote From Today... Without Reservations (1946)

"At home? I never do things like that at home.  

Come on, let's try it!"

With  Claudette Colbert.

Without Reservations featured a Cary Grant cameo.

Kit: It's amazing how these boys make themselves feel at home.

Cary: At home? I never do things like that at home. Come on, let's try it!

Dink: Attaboy, Cary!

Cary: Hmm? Oh, attaboy lieutenant!

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Quote From Today... Once Upon a Time (1944)

"What does the public need in times like these? Escape!"

With  James Gleason.

Once Upon a Time was Cary Grant's 45th full length feature film.

Jerry Flynn: What does the public need in times like these? Escape!