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Saturday, July 4, 2020

On This Day...Crisis (1950)

Crisis was Cary Grant's 55th full length feature film.

Grant plays a famous brain surgeon who, along with his wife, is kidnapped.
He is told to operate on a sick dictator, Raoul Farrago, played by Jose Ferrer.
The good doctor is then told he must kill Farrago, whilst on the operating table!

With Paula Raymond.

With Paula Raymond and Jose Ferrer.

"Crisis is a bold piece of movie adventuring...Grant is more brittle and more diamond-brilliant than before as the enlightened doctor. His sincerity in the story's guts is its premise for being believed." 
- The Mirror (Los Angeles)

With Jose Ferrer (Lying on the floor).

With Ramon Novarro, Paula Raymond and Leon Ames.


Dr. Eugene Ferguson                Cary Grant
Raoul Farrago                          Jose Ferrer
Helen Ferguson                        Paula Raymond
Senora Isabel Farrago              Signe Hasso
Col. Adragon                            Ramon Novarro
Gonzales                                  Gilbert Roland
Sam Proctor                             Leon Ames
Dr. Emilio Nierra                     Antonio Moreno
Rosa Aldana                            Teresa Celli
General Valdini                       Mario Siletti
Cariago                                   Vincente Gomez
Senor Magano                          Martin Garralaga
Father Del Puento                    Pedro de Cordoba
Senora Farrago                        Soledad Jimenez
Rubio                                       Jose Dominguez
Marco Aldana                          Robert Tafur
Luis                                          Maurice Jara

Lobby Cards:

Lobby Cards (Full Set)

Directed by Richard Brooks.
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
Running time: 95 minutes