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Saturday, May 13, 2023

Without Reservations (1946)

     "Colbert and Wayne are rather charming in change-of-pace roles and there are cameos from Jack Benny and Cary Grant..."

With Claudette Colbert.

Without Reservations - Review is taken from Empire Online, 01.01.2000:

"Authoress Claudette Colbert is summoned to Hollywood to adapt her best-selling philosophical novel for the movies and happens, on the cross-country train, to run into Marine John Wayne, whom she thinks would be ideal for the role of her hero but who happens to think that her book is bunkum. A typical romantic comedy of cross-purposes banter, this also has a vicious anti-intellectual streak that winds up with the producer's wish-fulfilment plot twist of the novelist begging a Hollywood studio to leave all the intellectual business out of the film of her book. Colbert and Wayne are rather charming in change-of-pace roles and there are cameos from Jack Benny and Cary Grant, not to mention an amazingly dreadful turn from gossip diva Louella Parsons.

Kim Newman, Empire

New Artwork by Rebekah Hawley at Studio36 -
Cameo Without Reservations (Lobby Card Style)

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"I Know You!"...The Cameos of Cary Grant April 29 2020

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

"I Know You!"...The Cameos of Cary Grant.

Cary Grant produced quite a body of work, starring in over 70 full length films.

But if you think you'd seen everything...think again!!

He made a number of cameo appearances, on film, as listed below.

Singapore Sue (1932):

Starring Anna Chang, this was the first short film that Cary Grant made. It was released in the summer of 1932.
Three of his full length films were already in distribution.

Interestingly, he is credited as Archie Leach.

Pirate Party on Catalina Island (1936):

Running at just 20 minutes, MGM released this colour film, with a number of stars appearing as themselves.

Topper Takes a Trip (1939):

Originally, Cary Grant was to appear in this sequel to Topper, however, he was unavailable and the script was rewritten.

Although, he didn't work on the film at all, he appears in film clips from Topper, as a way of explaining the story!

The Road to Victory (1944):

This was a 10 minute short, by Warner Bros., to support the war effort.

The Shining Future (1944):

This was a much longer version of "The Road to Victory", using the same footage of Cary Grant, reading a letter from a Canadian soldier.

Without Reservations (1946):

This film starring Claudette Colbert and John Wayne, including a number of cameo appearances.

However, Cary Grant, is referenced throughout until making an appearance towards the end of the film.

Polio and Communicable Diseases Hospital trailer (1940)

An appearance.

Ken Murray's Hollywood (1965);

Ken Murray's candid home movies caught the stars off set, including Cary Grant.

Elvis: Thats the Way It Is (1970):

This film was a documentary about the Elvis Summer Festival in Las Vegas. Cary Grant is one of a number of celebrities who attended.

Appearance comes at rhe end credits.