Wednesday, May 13, 2020

On this day...Sinners in the Sun (1932)

This was Cary Grant's second full length feature film, released on May 13th, 1932.

The main stars were Carole Lombard and Chester Morris, in a story of love and riches and the affect one has on the other.

"Sinners in the Sun is, in effect, a display of luxury, and the tale of a man and a girl who temporarily despise love in a cottage, but virtuously return to it at last as being of more importance than the limousines, the Long Island parties, the fashion-parades, and the underclothes that enrich their unregenerate interlude" - The Times (London)

Cary Grant played the role of Ridgeway.

Cary Grant with Carole Lombard.

Cary Grant as Ridgeway, with Carole Lombard(Doris) and Pierre De Ramey(Louis)

Lobby Card

With Rita La Roy(Lil), Carole Lombard(Doris), Walter Bryon(Eric Nelson).

Directed by Alexander Hall.
Running time: 70 minutes.
Produced and Distributed by Paramount Publix.

From a story "Beach-Comber" by Mildred Cram.

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