Friday, December 25, 2020

On This Day...Every Girl Should Be Married (1948)

 Yes, that's right, on today's date in 1948, Cary Grant's 53rd film Every Girl Should Be Married was released.


Living in the big city, Anabel Sims (Betsy Drake), a shop girl at Roger Sanford and Co. Department Store, has matrimony at the front of her mind. It is love at first sight for her when she spots esteemed pediatrician and confirmed bachelor Dr. Madison W. Brown(Cary Grant). Anabel plans to have a potential suitor in name only, make Madison believe that he has competition in garnering her affections. 

The name she comes up with is Roger Sanford, the owner of the department store. Complications ensue when Roger does actually get involved in Anabel's personal life, he a thrice married and currently single playboy who generally does fall for women if he knows someone else is after them, such as an esteemed pediatrician.

With Franchot Tone.

"Grant, Tone and Diana Lynn all contribute their share of humor to the better moments of this contrived and over-cute business." - Newsweek.

"Newcomer Betsy Drake seems to have studied, but not learned, the tricks and inflections of the early Hepburn. Her exaggerated grimaces supply only one solid laugh - when Hero Grant mimics them cruelly and accurately. In the past, Cary Grant has shown a talent for quietly underplaying comedy. In this picture, he has trouble finding comedy to play." - Time Magazine.

With Betsy Drake.

Did You Know?

Love interests in this film, Cary Grant and Betsy Drake tied the knot in real life less than a year after the film was released.

Film debut of Betsy Drake.

Howard Hughes became so involved in this production it prompted RKO production head Dore Schary to resign. Hughes also allowed Cary Grant to re-write much of the script to put more emphasis on Drake's character. And, according to Mark Eliot's biography of Grant, Hughes even allowed him to essentially direct Drake's scenes.

Barbara Bel Geddes was the first choice for Anabel.


 Cary Grant ... Dr. Madison Brown
 Franchot Tone ... Roger Sanford
 Diana Lynn ... Julie Howard
 Betsy Drake ... Anabel Sims
 Alan Mowbray ... Mr. Spitzer
 Elisabeth Risdon ... Mary Nolan
 Richard Gaines ... Sam McNutt
 Harry Hayden ... Gogarty
 Chick Chandler ... Soda Clerk
 Leon Belasco ... Violinist
 Fred Essler ... Pierre
 Anna Q. Nilsson ... Saleslady

Lobby Cards:

International Posters:

"Every Girl Wants a Husband" - Italian.

Directed by Don Hartman.
Distributed by RKO Radio.
Running time: 84 minutes.

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