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On This Day...This Is The Night (1932).

 On 8th April 1932, Cary Grant made his film debut in the Paramount Picture...This Is The Night.
(see blog dated 8th April 2020).


An affair is almost exposed when Claire's husband (Cary Grant) unexpectedly returns early from Summer Olympics.

"...a perfectly ordinary and unformalised farce. The plot hardly worth repeating, for it is occupied only with the ritual humours of infidelity and intoxocation."
- The Times (London)


 Lili Damita ... Germaine
 Charles Ruggles ... Bunny West
 Roland Young ... Gerald Gray
 Thelma Todd ... Claire Mathewson
 Cary Grant ... Stephen Mathewson
 Irving Bacon ... Sparks

Did You Know?

Some prints of film have blue-tinted night scenes.

Film debut of Cary Grant.


Stephen Mathewson: Didn't you ever go in for athletics?
Bunny West: I used to jump at conclusions.

Claire Mathewson: [they are seated in the back of their car; Claire has had her dress torn by the car door] Gerald, aren't you going to do anything?
Gerald Gray: Here?
Claire Mathewson: No, no. I mean about discharging your chauffeur
Gerald Gray: Oh, oh let me keep him. I've let you keep your husband
Claire Mathewson: I haven't kept him
Gerald Gray: What?
Claire Mathewson: He left this morning
Gerald Gray: For good?
Claire Mathewson: No, no, for the Olympic Games at Los Angeles. He's in them, you know. Haven't you ever heard of Steve Mathewson, the javelin thrower?
Gerald Gray: Javelin thrower?
Claire Mathewson: ah ha
Gerald Gray: Do you mean those long, murderous harpoon things?
[she nods]
Gerald Gray: Claire, the moment you meet a man, right after you've said 'how do you do?' you should add 'my husband throws javelins'.

Lobby Cards:

Directed by Frank Tuttle.
Distributed by Paramount Publix.
Running time: 80 minutes.

Artwork by Rebekah Hawley of Studio 36.

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