Wednesday, October 6, 2021

On This Day... I'm No Angel (1933)

 Released today back in 1933, I'm No Angel was Cary Grant's 12th full length feature film.


Sideshow entertainer Tira (Mae West) thrives in an unconventional lifestyle and gets great pleasure from outwitting numerous suitors that fall under her spell. Upending a tricky situation to become the toast of high society, she lands 'Mr. Right' (Cary Grant) but must outfox a pesky antagonist to secure success.


Mae West...Tira
Cary Grant...Jack Clayton
Gregory Ratoff...Benny Pinkowitz
Edward Arnold...Big Bill Barton
Ralf Harolde...Slick Wiley
Kent Taylor...Kirk Lawrence
Gertrude Michael... Alicia Hatton
Russell Hopton...The Barker Flea Madigan
Dorothy Peterson...Thelma
William B. Davidson...The Chump Ernest Brown (as Wm. B. Davidson)
Gertrude Howard...Beulah Thortdyke
Libby Taylor...Tira's Maid

Did You Know?

In 1935 and 1949, the production code was more rigorously enforced, and the film was not approved for re-release.

When Tira opens the chest to show her friend some jewelry, there are photos attached to the inside lid of several men, including actors Barton MacLane (who was originally set to co-star in this film), Nat Pendleton, Edmund Cobb and Randolph Scott (real-life roommate of the film's leading man Cary Grant).

Mae West's famous line in this film, "Beulah, peel me a grape," was inspired by West's pet monkey, Boogie. The monkey loved grapes, and one day West noticed that although he would eat grapes by the dozens, he would always peel the skin off each one before popping it into his mouth.

Considered to be one of fifteen films that changed American cinema.

Posters and Lobby Cards:

Directed by Wesley Ruggles.
Distributed by Paramount Publix.
Running time: 87 minutes

Artwork by Rebekah Hawley at Studio36.

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