Thursday, December 30, 2021

On This Day...Madame Butterfly (1932)

Cary Grant's 7th film, and the last film release of the year, Madame Butterfly, was released on today's date back in 1932. 


While on shore-leave in Japan, Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton (Cary Grant) and his friend,  Lieutenant Barton (Charles Ruggles), stop in at a local establishment to check out the food, drink and girls.  On meeting Cho-Cho San (Sylvia Sidney) Pinkerton immediately falls in lust. Barton advises Pinkerton that he can 'marry' this Japanese girl and freely enjoy himself, then sail on back to America unshackled, since in Japan abandonment equates to divorce.

 The years pass and Cho-Cho San still eagerly awaits the return of her husband and the opportunity to surprise him with their son.  When Pinkerton does finally arrive back in Japan to apologise to Cho-Cho San for his behaviour, he has his American bride by his side. 


Sylvia Sidney...Cho-Cho San
Cary Grant...Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton
Charles Ruggles...Lt. Barton
Irving Pichel...Yomadori
Helen Jerome Eddy...Cho-Cho's mother
Edmund Breese...Cho-Cho's grandfather
Louise Carter...Suzuki
Sándor Kállay...Goro
Judith Vosselli ...Madame Goro
Sheila Terry...Mrs. Pinkerton
Dorothy Libaire...Peach Blossom
Berton Churchill...American Consul
Philip Horomato...Trouble


Madame Goro: So this is Cho-Cho-San; what distinction, what eyes, what teeth. And you speak also the English?
Cho-Cho San: Yes, I learned from visiting scholar. She teach me very high class Brooklyn accent.

Cho-Cho San: [Cho-Cho San has found Adelaide's photo in Pinkerton's trunk. She brings it to him with the pipe cleaners] I found them like this
Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton: Thank you very much, Cho-Cho San
[he puts the photo aside]
Cho-Cho San: She very beautiful, that American lady
Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton: Oh, I guess she'd pass in a crowd
Cho-Cho San: She some lady you know very well?
Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton: Sure, sure. We've known each other for years
Cho-Cho San: She love you very much, perhaps?
Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton: No, of course not
Cho-Cho San: [she picks up the photo and points to the inscription that reads 'To Bin with all my love always'] What this writing say?
Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton: Oh, that. That just says 'lots of luck'
Cho-Cho San: Oh. But maybe you very much in love with her?
Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton: How can I have room in my heart for anyone but Madame Butterfly?


1933 Marches on!...with the great romantic drama of East and West NOW a MODERN love story! (Print Ad-Daily Star, ((Long Island City, NY)) 30 January 1933)

IT WILL BRING THUNDEROUS ACCLAIM...for a great love story done with consummate passion! (Print Ad- Greenfield Recorder, ((Greenfield Mass.)) 30 December 1932)

(Print Ad-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, ((Pittsburgh, Penna.)) 8 February 1933)

Lobby Cards and Posters:

Directed by Marion Gering.
Distributed by Paramount Publix.
Running time: 86 minutes.

Artwork by Rebekah Hawley at Studio36.

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