Sunday, June 19, 2022

Quote From Today... Dream Wife (1953)

 "...Some of the sand was missing!"

With Deborah Kerr.

Dream Wife was Cary Grant's 59th full length feature film.

Clemson Reade: We haven't been able to make a definite plan since we met.

Effie: Well, we went to Vermont for two weeks.

Clemson Reade: Yes. Yes, that's right. To her grandfather's farm. For two wonderful relaxing weeks in glorious Vermont.

Walter McBride: Tim'll be there in September.

Clemson Reade: We spent one day there. She had to leave to take care of the crisis in Sahara; some of the sand was missing.

Effie: Well, you stayed on.

Clemson Reade: With grandfather. It wasn't the same thing.

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