Friday, September 2, 2022

Quote From Today... I Was a Male War-Bride (1949)

    "I'll explain to them I think you're repulsive."

With Marion Marshall and Ann Sheridan. 

I Was a Male War-Bride was Cary Grant's 54th full length feature film.

Lt. Catherine Gates: [humiliated after Capt. Rochard publicly returns her laundry in an insinuating manner] Oh, what a stinker YOU are.

Capt. Henri Rochard: [coolly] Did I forget something?

Lt. Catherine Gates: What a dirty stinker - and you're going right back in that office and explain to them how you got my laundry by mistake in Dusseldorf and forgot to give it back to me.

Capt. Henri Rochard: Well, it's such a dull story. Who would care?

Lt. Catherine Gates: You know what you made them think?

Capt. Henri Rochard: [feigning innocence] I don't quite understa... Oh, no! You mean you and ME? Well, I'd be glad to explain to them. The very idea of any connection is revolting.

Lt. Catherine Gates: No, you don't. No, you don't. Never mind. Just forget it.

Capt. Henri Rochard: But I'd be delighted. I'll explain to them I think you're repulsive.

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