Sunday, November 27, 2022

Quote From Today... Once Upon a Honeymoon (1942)

"You're looking at a contented man."

With Ginger Rogers.

Once Upon a Honeymoon was Cary Grant's 42nd full length feature film.

Patrick 'Pat' O'Toole: You're looking at a contented man.

Katie O'Hara Von Luber, aka Katherine Butt-Smith: Why?

Patrick 'Pat' O'Toole: Well, you have to go back a long way to explain that. Yeah, I'd have to go back to when destiny threw us together. I was attracted, but, so differently. I was attracted more or less by, eh...

Katie O'Hara Von Luber, aka Katherine Butt-Smith: By, eh, my measurements?

Patrick 'Pat' O'Toole: That's the idea. That's it. Yes, yes. You were lovely of form and face. But, I had the feeling that if a gnat dove into your pool of knowledge, he'd a broken his neck. But, then I found out there was more to you.

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