Tuesday, September 15, 2020

On This Day...Monkey Business (1952)

 Today, in 1952, saw the release of Cary Grant's 58th film Monkey Business.

Grant's character is Dr. Barnaby Fulton, a research chemist, who has been working on a formula to regenerate worn-out tissues in the human body. After taking the formula himself, he starts to feel younger which leads to complications and fun!!

Marilyn Monroe stars as Lois Laurel, a secretary at Dr. Fulton's company. Also starring as his wife, Edwina, is Ginger Rogers.

"If youth is anything like the nonsense displayed here, maybe it's just as well that nobody has really concocted anything that would force us older citizens back into it." - John McCarten, The New Yorker

"Grant has never been better than in his part as the absent-minded professor in search of the elixir of youth." - Motion Picture Herald

"...only Cary Grant could do Barnaby justice with the underplaying that avoids the mawkish and the silly." - Newsweek

Cary Grant showing that once an acrobat always an acrobat.

The skating scene with Marilyn Monroe, overseen by Howard Hawks and crew.


Professor Barnaby Fulton     Cary Grant
Edwina Fulton                      Ginger Rogers
Mr. Oliver Oxly                    Charles Coburn
Lois Laurel                           Marilyn Monroe
Hank Entwhistle                   Hugh Marlowe
Dr. Siegfried Kitzel               Henri Letondal
Dr. Zoldeck                          Robert Cornthwaite
Mr. G.J. Culverly                 Larry Keating
Dr. Bruner                            Douglas Spencer
Mrs. Rhinelander                 Esther Dale
Little Indian                         George Winslow

Ginger Rogers and Marilyn Monroe costume test pictures.

Lobby Cards:

Lobby card that has the alternative title "Be Your Age"

Spanish lobby card - "Vitamins for Love"

With Ginger Rogers and George Winslow.

Directed by Howard Hawks.
Distributed by 20th Century-Fox.
Running time: 97 minutes.

With Ginger Rogers and "Esther".

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