Tuesday, September 1, 2020

On This Day...The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer(1947)

 Today, in 1947, Cary Grant released his 50th full length feature film...The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer.

Cary Grant is "The Bachelor" artist Richard Nugent, who in order to avoid being sentenced by Judge Turner (Myrna Loy) opts for the lesser sentence of escorting her younger sister Susan (Shirley Temple).

For the film's release in Great Britain the title was changed "Bachelor Knight"!

It was the second film that Cary Grant made with Myrna Loy. They made three in total, Wings In The Dark(1935), The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer(1947) and Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House(1948).

"The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer is a nice, clean, sunny old-fashioned farce...Cary Grant has now developed a characterization that is constant, fool-proof, engaging, hardy and warranted to be attractive." - Shirley O'Hara, The New Republic

"Cary Grant is pleasantly coy as the artist-playboy..." - Philip T. Hartung, The Commonweal


Dick                           Cary Grant
Margaret                    Myrna Loy
Susan                         Shirley Temple
Tommy                      Rudy Vallee
Beemesh                    Ray Collins
Thaddeus                   Harry Davenport
Jerry                           Johnny Sands
Tony                          Don Beddoe
Bessie                        Lillian Randolph
Agnes Prescott           Veda Ann Borg
Walters                       Dan Tobin
Judge Treadwell        Ransom Serman
Winters                      William Bakewell
Melvin                       Irving Bacon
Perry                          Ian Bernard
Florence                     Carol Hughes
Anthony Herman       William Hall
Maitre d'Hotel            Gregory Gay

With Shirley Temple.

The Bachelor Knight with Shirley Temple.

With Shirley Temple, Myrna Loy, Ray Collins, Harry Davenport and Rudy Vallee.

Lobby Cards:

Directed by Irving Reis.
Distributed by RKO Radio.
Running time: 95 minutes.

"Two Sisters Lived in Peace...", I guess until Cary Grant came along!!

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