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On This Day...Hot Saturday (1932)

 Cary Grant's 6th full length feature was Hot Saturday, and was released on this day back in 1932.


Bank employee Ruth Brock has a reputation around town for being fast-and-easy but none of the panting suitors has made her yet. She disillusions them one after the other, but the last lad is a bad sport and starts a gossip scandal, among the hens and roosters, about her and a millionaire playboy and Ruth loses her job. Figuring that as long as she has the name, she might as well play the game, she looks him up.

Cary Grant plays Romer Sheffield, seen here with Nancy Carroll.

"Edward Woods, as the malicious and resentful escort, gives the most satisfactory performance in support of Miss Carroll. Cary Grant is a nonchalant young libertine as Sheffield, and Randolph Scott is solidly virtuous as the boyfriend sweetheart." - Mordaunt Hall, The New York Times.

With Nancy Carroll and Edward Woods.

With Nancy Carroll and Randolph Scott.

Did You Know?

This was Cary Grant's first film as a leading man.


 Cary Grant ... Romer Sheffield
 Nancy Carroll ... Ruth Brock
 Randolph Scott ... Bill Fadden
 Edward Woods ... Conny Billop
 Lilian Bond ... Eva Randolph (as Lillian Bond)
 William Collier Sr. ... Mr. Brock
 Jane Darwell ... Mrs. Brock
 Stanley Smith ... Joe
 Rita La Roy ... Camille
 Rose Coghlan ... Annie Brock
 Oscar Apfel ... Mr. Randolph
Jessie Arnold ... Aunt Minnie
 Grady Sutton ... Archie

With Nancy Carroll

Lobby Cards:

Directed by William A. Seiter.
Produced and distributed by Paramount Publix.
Running time: 73 minutes.

Behind the scenes.

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