Friday, October 9, 2020

On This Day...Wedding Present (1936)

 Wedding Present was Cary Grant's 24th full length film and released on this day in 1936.


Charlie Mason (Cary Grant) and 'Rusty' Fleming (Joan Bennett) are reporters for a Chicago tabloid who are romantically involved. Charlie's mischievous shenanigans cause Rusty to move to New York. Charlie resigns his job and, along with gangster friend 'Smiles' Benson, he pursues Rusty to win her back before she marries a stuffy society author.

With Joan Bennett.

With Inez Courtney and Joan Bennett.

"Cary Grant plays the crazy reporter turned editor in a lackadaisical manner, mouthing most of his lines and acting more like a caricature than a character." - Howard Barnes, New York Herald and Tribune

"His (Paul Gallico) screwball star reporters as played by Miss Bennett and Grant, are not only pitched in farfetched concepts of the craft but they're loaded down with so many and frequent shifts of mood that the task of following them is made no easy one for the average fan." - Ben Bodec, Variety

With Joan Bennett.


Joan Bennett ... Monica 'Rusty' Fleming
Cary Grant ... Charlie Mason
George Bancroft ... Pete Stagg
Conrad Nagel ... Roger Dodacker
Gene Lockhart ... Archduke Gustav Ernest
William Demarest ... 'Smiles' Benson
Inez Courtney ... Mary Lawson
Edward Brophy ... Squinty
Purnell Pratt ... Howard Van Dorn
Douglas Wood ... Willett
George Meeker ... Gordon Blaker
Damon Ford ... Mike Haley
Lois Wilson ... Laura Dodacker
Mary Forbes ... Mrs. Dodacker
George Offerman Jr. ... Sammy Smith
John Henry Allen ... Jonathan

Lobby Cards:

Directed by Richard Wallace.
Distributed by Paramount Pictures.
Original by Paul Gallico.
Running time: 81 minutes.

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