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On This Day... Suzy (1936)

 Released today back in 1936, Suzy was Cary Grant's 23rd full length feature film.


Believing a German spy has killed her new husband, a struggling chorus girl flees to Paris where she meets and marries a World War I pilot, whose carefree ways brings about unexpected results.


Jean Harlow...Suzy Trent
Franchot Tone...Terry Moore
Cary Grant...Andre Charville
Lewis Stone...Baron Charville
Benita Hume...Diane Eyrelle
Reginald Mason...Captain Barsanges
Inez Courtney...Maisie
Greta Meyer...Mrs. Schmidt
David Clyde... 'Knobby'
Christian Rub...'Pop' Gaspard
George Spelvin...Gaston
Una O'Connor...Landlady
Theodore von Eltz...Revue Producer
Dennis Morgan...Lieutenant (as Stanley Morner)

Did You Know?

Three former WW I flying aces were killed and producer Howard Hughes was injured during aerial scenes shot for Hell's Angels (1930) and producer Howard Hughes was injured when he crashed flying in one of the scenes (it's not known if that footage was among the scenes used from that film for this one). Since only one out of every 249 feet of film shot was used in "Hell's Angels", there was more than enough left over to lease to other films like this one. It also helped offset the tremendous cost to Hughes of filming his movie.

One of the films that contributed to Cary Grant's lifelong protection of his screen image, as this was one of very few roles that depicted him as an amoral, unlikable cad.

Though not a musical, the film's indisputable highlight is Cary Grant and Jean Harlow's challenge duet to "Did I Remember?" The Academy Award-nominated song would become a standard, and the duo's performance of it was so charming that it was featured decades later in MGM's That's Entertainment! (1974).

The cast list includes "George Spelvin," a name traditionally used to disguise the identity of the actor--for instance, when the role is played by one of the listed actors in disguise. In this case, the disguise is intended for the character, who is listed only by a first name. When he appears, he turns out to be a goat.


Terry Moore: Do you like onions?
Suzanne 'Suzy' Trent: Onions for two are delicious. For one they're a terrible hazard.

Andre Charville: Aha... Jealous?
Suzanne 'Suzy' Trent: [Looking at a photograph of a beautiful woman in Andre's room] Yes, terribly jealous. Jealous of all the years I didn't know you and jealous of everything that might take you away from me.

Andre Charville: This is my luckiest day but maybe you'll have regrets. Be disillusioned.
Suzanne 'Suzy' Trent: Darling, I don't even know how to spell those words.

On set.

Andre Charville: Did I remember, to tell you, you're delightful, you're everything I want you to be
Andre Charville: You're eyes are lovely, And far beyond comparing, Especially when they're glaring, At me. I can't think up words to say, How swell you are, But I can tell you are, I know so well you are. I started falling, The moment that I saw you, Believe me I adore you, Cherie!

Baron Charville: Why did you marry this girl?
Andre Charville: Well, eh, well, she's young, pretty, blonde, romantic, trusting, has lovely ankles, affectionate as a kitten, has a beautiful hot temper, would make a charming widow, and, eh, and, eh, ah, you see, there's another reason why I married her. It's funny, it slipped my mind. I know - I love her!

Suzanne 'Suzy' Trent: I'm not so bad to look at, am I? I admit I don't dance much and I don't sing so well, but, I can be awful cute when I want to be.

Lobby Cards:

Directed by George Fitzmaurice.
Distributed and Produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
Running time: 95 minutes.

Artwork by Rebekah Hawley at Studio36.

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