Wednesday, September 15, 2021

On This Day... Monkey Business (1952)

 Cary Grant's 58th film, Monkey Business, was released on today's date back in 1952. 


Research chemist Barnaby Fulton(Cary Grant) finds his and his wife's personal and professional lives turned upside down when he believes he's discovered a fountain of youth pill.


Cary Grant...Dr. Barnaby Fulton
Ginger Rogers...Mrs. Edwina Fulton
Charles Coburn...Mr. Oliver Oxley
Marilyn Monroe...Miss Lois Laurel
Hugh Marlowe...Hank Entwhistle
Henri Letondal...Dr. Jerome Kitzel
Robert Cornthwaite...Dr. Zoldeck
Larry Keating...G.J. Culverly
Douglas Spencer...Dr. Brunner
Esther Dale...Mrs. Rhinelander
George Winslow...Little Indian

Did You Know?

The off-screen voice during the opening credits is director Howard Hawks.

The small sports car used in the film was a red 1952 MG TD Roadster, which was owned by Marilyn Monroe. It sustained a dent in the front bumper when Cary Grant hit a fence while driving the car. It was later purchased by Debbie Reynolds in a pre-sale at a 20th Century Fox studio auction. It was then stored for several years. In 2011, it was sold at auction for $210,000.

The address that Edwina gives when she calls the police was Ginger Rogers' real-life address: 1605 Gilcrest.

Postal zip codes were not created until 1963. Yet numbers are recited after addresses in the film.  Cary Grant refers to an address as being in Inglewood, but the zip code, 90645, would be in Whittier, quite a distance away.


Barnaby: Hello, Griffith Park Zoo, Snake Department. Sssshhh!
Oliver Oxley: Hello? Hello? What is this?
Barnaby: What do you want?
Oliver Oxley: This is Mr Oxley.
Barnaby: I'll see if he's here.
Oliver Oxley: No, I said *this* is Oxley!
Barnaby: Who is?
Oliver Oxley: I am, speaking!
Barnaby: Oh, you're Mr. Speaking...
Oliver Oxley: This is Mr. Oxley speaking!
Barnaby: Oxley Speaking? Any relation to Oxley?
Oliver Oxley: Barnaby Fulton is that you?
Barnaby: Who's calling?
Oliver Oxley: I am, Barnaby!
Barnaby: Oh, no, you're not Barnaby. I'm Barnaby! I ought to know who I am.
Oliver Oxley: This is Oxley speaking, Barnaby!
Barnaby: No, that's ridiculous! You can't be all three. Figure out which one you are and call me back!

Lois Laurel: [at her secretarial desk, responding to Barnaby's remark that she is at work early] 
Mr. Oxley's been complaining about my punctuation, so I'm careful to get here before nine.
Hank Entwhistle: Well, I can only tell you, Mrs. Fulton. If you had been smart enough to marry me instead of...[points at Barnaby]
Hank Entwhistle: this, you wouldn't be in the kitchen cooking.
Barnaby: No? Where would she be cooking?

Barnaby: Umph! I'm beginning to wonder if being young is all it's cracked up to be. We dream of youth. We remember it as a time of nightingales and valentines. But what are the facts? Maladjustment, near idiocy, and a series of low comedy disasters. That's what youth is. I don't see how anyone survives it.

Barnaby: In my opinion, your opinion that it's a silly song is a silly opinion.

Mrs. Edwina Fulton: Oh, darling! Stop by the automobile agency. Mr Peabody just called and says he had a very good buy.
Barnaby: A good buy? Well, good bye to you!

Lobby Cards:

Directed by Howard Hawks.
Distributed by 20th Century-Fox.
Running time: 97 minutes.

Artwork by Rebekah Hawley at Studio36.

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