Wednesday, September 22, 2021

On This Day... None But The Lonely Heart (1944)

 Cary Grant's 46th full length feature film, None But The Lonely Heart, was released today, back in 1944. 


An English woman (Ethel Barrymore) runs a store by herself, while her irresponsible son (Cary Grant) travels aimlessly.  When told that his mother is ill, the young man comes home, reforms himself, and helps his mother run the shop. Soon however, each becomes involved in illegal activities.


Cary Grant...Ernie Mott
Ethel Barrymore...Ma Mott (as Miss Ethel Barrymore)
Barry Fitzgerald...Henry Twite
June Duprez...Ada Brantline
Jane Wyatt...Aggie Hunter
George Coulouris...Jim Mordinoy
Dan Duryea...Lew Tate
Roman Bohnen...Dad Pettyjohn
Konstantin Shayne...Ike Weber

Did You Know?

Cary Grant purchased the film rights to the book in order to ensure that he was cast for this part. A photo of his real father is on the set of his character's home. A biography of Grant reports that the story was especially meaningful to Grant because he saw in it who he could have become if he had never left Bristol.

Author Richard Llewellyn was strongly opposed to the casting of Cary Grant, demanding to know how the 40-year-old actor could play a teenager.

Cary Grant's Best Actor Oscar-nominated performance was the only one in the category not in a Best Picture nominee that year.

This film marked a return to the big screen after an 11-year absence by star Ethel Barrymore. Prior to making this film, Barrymore had considered movie appearances an inferior art to the stage. However, her time on set, her critical acclaim, and her hefty paycheck changed her mind. After making this film, she moved from New York to California so she could concentrate on making movies instead of Broadway plays.


Ernie Mott: They say money talks... all it's ever said to me is goodbye.

Ernie Mott: I'm so broke I'm in two halves.

Ernie Mott: Did you love my old man?
Ma Mott: Love's not for the poor, son. No time for it.

Posters and Lobby Cards:

Directed by Clifford Odets.
Produced and distributed by RKO Radio.
Running time: 113 minutes.

Artwork by Rebekah Hawley at Studio36.

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