Saturday, December 24, 2022

Quote From Today... Father Goose (1964)

"Just repeat three words. Alright. Elephant."

Father Goose was Cary Grant's 71st and penultimate full-length feature film.

Walter Eckland: [Jenny, who won't talk, has just given him a bottle of liquor. She doesn't reply when he says "Thank you." He holds up a whistle] See this whistle?

[Jenny nods "yes"]

Walter Eckland: Would you like to have it?

[She nods "yes" again]

Walter Eckland: OK. Now, all you have to do is repeat three simple words after me. Is that a deal?

[She nods "yes"]

Walter Eckland: Just repeat three words. Alright. Elephant.

Jenny: [Looks from Eckland to the whistle and back. Seems to consider for a moment] Elephant.

Walter Eckland: [He smiles, slightly] Rhinoceros.

Jenny: [More quickly this time] Rhinoceros.

Walter Eckland: Wrong.

Jenny: Why?

Walter Eckland: No, not "why," "wrong." Wrong is the third word. You lose.

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