Thursday, August 20, 2020

On This Day...The Talk Of The Town (1942)

The Talk of the Town was Cary Grant's 41st full length feature film. It was also his second film with Jean Arthur.

Grant plays Leopold Dilg, hunted on a trumped-up murder and arson charge.

 He hides in Nora Shelley's house (Jean Arthur), which she has just rented to austere law school dean Michael Lightcap (Ronald Colman).

"In Columbia's The Talk of the Town Producer-Director George Stevens successfully manages the ticklish chore of tucking in such strange bedfellows as zany comedy and social significance, rampant melodrama and quiet humor...the film owes much to the expert playing of the three co-stars. Miss Arthur and Grant have had more rewarding roles but play these with customary finesse." - Newsweek

With Jean Arthur and Ronald Colman.


Leopold Dilg              Cary Grant
Nora Shelley               Jean Arthur
Michael Lightcap        Ronald Colman
Sam Yates                   Edgar Buchanan
Regina Bush               Glenda Farrell
Andrew Holmes         Charles Dingle
Mrs. Shelley               Emma Dunn
Tilney                          Rex Ingram
Jan Pulaski                  Leonid Kinskey
Clyde Bracken            Tom Tyler
Chief of Police            Don Beddoe
Judge Grunstadt          George Watts
Senator James Boyd   Clyde Fillmore
District Attorney         Frank M. Thomas
Forrester                      Lloyd Bridges

With Ronald Colman

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Directed by George Stevens.
Produced and distributed by Columbia.
Running time: 118 minutes.

Cast with director George Stevens.

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