Wednesday, August 12, 2020

On This Day...Devil and the Deep (1932)

On this day, in 1932, Devil and the Deep was released. This was Cary Grant's 4th full length feature film.

Cary Grant plays Lieutenant Jacques, in a drama that takes place on a naval base and a submarine that is commanded by Commander Sturm (Charles Laughton). Laughton plays the jealous husband of his wife Tallulah Bankhead and her lover Gary Cooper.

With Charles Laughton.

"This picture is, in my opinion, the best dramatic talkie we have yet seen."
- David Fairweather, Theatre World

"Everyone who pays a visit to the Carlton during the current run of The Devil and the Deep must wonder how it was that Mr. Charles Laughton was allowed to make his debut on the talking-screen in an American picture." - Michael Orme, The Illustrated London News


Pauline Sturm             Tallulah Bankhead
Lieutenant Semper     Gary Cooper
Commander Sturm     Charles Laughton
Lieutenant Jacques     Cary Grant
A Lieutenant              Gordon Wescott
Hassan                        Paul Porcassi
Mrs. Planet                 Juliette Compton
Mr. Planet                   Arthur Hoyt
Mrs. Crimp                Dorothy Christy
Hutton                       Henry Kolker

With Tallulah Bankhead.

Lobby Cards:

Directed by Marion Gering
Produced and distributed by Paramount Publix
Running time: 70 minutes.

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